International Partners

McSence – The United Kingdom

McSence (The Mayfield Community Self-Employed Natural Collective Exercise) was formally established in 1988. It operates in the UK as an umbrella organization for five interrelated social enterprises to provide community services to the community, specifically in the field of assistive care services, housework, property maintenance and enhancement of public spaces. Each business is non-profitable and primarily employs disadvantaged persons. McSence has been awarded many prestigious awards – 2007 Business Solutions Award, as well as the New Statesman Award for Social Entrepreneurship and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for services in the community.

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National Patients´ Organisation – Bulgaria

National Patients´ Organisation is the largest Bulgarian umbrella organizations currently uniting more than 60 regional associations representing patients regardless of their sexual and political orientation, religion, age or national origin. In April 2011, the NPO became a member of the European Association of patients (European Patients‘ Forum). The importance of the partner for the project consists in its ability to receive, distribute and accordingly transfer knowledge and thematic outputs not only at national but also European level, thanks to the membership and collaborations with a number of institutions and associations.

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Institute of Human Resources Development – Poland

Institute of Human Resources Development is the basis of the education community organization. The Institute tries to promote the knowledge society and activities promoting active citizenship. They focus on the problematic of European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between companies. Moreover, their other activities include the support of patriotic values, improvement of access to education and lifelong learning, support for students, organizing the tutorials.

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