The project „Current trends and social innovation in the long-term and direct care“ (CZ.1.04/5.1.01/77.00188) originated as a part of a priority  section International cooperation of the czech operational programme ´Lidské zdroje a zaměstnanost´. The project is funded by the European social fund and by the National budget of Czech Republic.

The main objective of the project is to create and develop sustainable thematic network of the European development agency that would focus on the transfer of current trends in social innovation between the Czech and international project partners. The project is a response to the current European trend –  the gradual increase in the number of people requiring long-term care and the people living above-average age.While the economic implications of these facts are being widely discussed, far less attention is devoted to the theoretical models of care connected to this phenomenon. Therefore, the main purpose of the project is to implement such social inovations in practice with the help of new ideas, institutions and new ways to offer more effective approach to this issue.

In cooperation with Czech partners; Department of Social Services, Prague 4 and European innovation center; and foreign partners; Bulgarian’s National Patients‘ Organization, Polish Institute for Human Resources Development and the British community service MsSence; project presents new opportunities of adapting to the current trends in long-term care. Besides the exchange of experience,logo_eng the project also aims to address the target groups in the Czech Republic, especially people caring for a dependent family member; authorities and local authorities and governmental organizations and non-governmental sector. The duration of the project is 14 months starting October 2012.



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