The final conference – 8th September, 2014

Seminar on „Medialization and communications of social innovations“ – 2nd September, 2014

Seminar on „Possibilities of long-term and direct care – position of the Czech Republic in the European Union” – 13th August, 2014

Seminar on „Seminar on “Social enterprises and their benefits for the local community: cooperation with local authorities” – 16th July, 2014

Seminar on “Future of social innovations in long-term and direct care” – 25th June, 2014

Seminar on „ICT as a software solution in long-term care“ – 13th May, 2014

Workshop „ICT in long-term care“ – 8 -9th April, 2014

Study visit – 18th – 21th March, 2014

Seminar „Possibilities of individual care: new trends in social care“ – 11th March, 2014

Seminar „Principles of cross-sectoral cooperation in social services in the EU and in the Czech republic“ – 26th February, 2014

Workshop “Individual care and social innovations”  – 13 – 14th January, 2014

„Burnout Syndrome Prevention in long-term and direct care in the Czech Republic and Europe“ – 3rd December 2013

„Lifelong Learning in long-term and direct care in the Czech Republic and Europe“ – 8th November 2013

Workshop “Human Resources in long term and direct care”  – 15 – 16th October, 2013

Seminar on “Policy Making and Social Innovations in long term and direct care” – 4th September 2013

Seminar „Legislative Aspects of Social Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic“ – August 1st, 2013

Seminar „Social innovations: New forms and approaches to the active ageing“ – July 9th, 2013

Workshop “Policy making in social care: collaboration across sectors?“ – 5th – 6th June 2013

Seminar „Social innovations in practise: New trends in social care“ – May 28th, 2013

Workshop “Co-operation of long-term care: how to establish effective relationships between the private, non-profit and public sector?” – 25th –  26th April, 2013

Seminar„Transfers of the social innovation to the Czech republic: advantages and limits of these processes“ – March 25th, 2013

The opening conference –  February 19th, 2013

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