Brief content of the project

The aim of the project is an establishment and future development of a thematic network among the project applicant – European Development Agency Czech Republic, Czech partners (Institute of social services Prague 4, European Innovation Centre Prague) and partners from other European countries. The aim of the project is mutual exchange of know-how, exchange of good practices and evaluation of currently existing policies in the area of providing long-term care as well as dissemination of foreign know-how among the relevant subjects in the Czech Republic.

The current trend of social care in the Czech Republic has been mostly concentrated on reforms of institutional care such as Institute of Social Services or Senior Houses. It is interesting that even at this moment institutional care is severely undersized. It is a fact that the role, position and rights of persons caring for close person, particularly in comparison with the institutional model, are not clearly defined (legislation). Compared to the current European discourse, professionals as well as public engaged in long term-care know very little about the current trends. The relationship between institutional and communal/individual care in the Czech Republic is unbalanced and often conflicting in nature, while international experience confirms that local institutions and partnerships communities (NGOs, family) help significantly to improve the quality of social services.

The aim of the project is to enrich the ongoing national debate with the European dimension, to bring the current trends in social innovation in long-term care closer to the target groups.

Project Activities 

1) International – Thematic Network gathering representatives of foreign partner organisations and experts representing Czech organisations (2 international conferences and 5 international workshops held in Prague)

2) Local – the outcomes from the Thematic Network will be streamlined to the Czech public in 14 seminars

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